Transfers and Changes 
 Transfers and Changes

Moroccans living abroad, whether you are Banque Populaire customers or not, whether you have a bank account abroad or not, for your money transfers to Morocco, we can offer you a large network of partners and several methods of transfer :

  • Diversified : according to your country of residence and your requirements,
  • Quick : we guarantee you availability of transferred funds in the shortest time possible,
  • Secure : thanks to our monitoring of channels and trusted support network,
  • Competitive : the best prices on the market,
  • Convenient : across a large international network,
  • Efficient : thanks to our customer service, which manages your complaints.

Choose the transfer service which best suits your needs, according to your country of residence and your requirements, and carry out transfers in order to :

  • Add to a valid Banque Populaire account in Morocco ;
  • Top-up a prepaid Bladi card ;
  • Make cash provision to financially support your family in Morocco.



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