Theft, Loss, lapse of memory?

To access information which will be necessary for you to cover you against fraud in the event of loss of your means of payment

In the event of loss or theft of your e-payment card :

  • To stop a payment when using a card :
    • By going to the branch closest to you ;
    • Or by calling the call centre on 0522 437 435 or 0522 437 437 available 24/7; give the number of your national ID card (CIN) or the ID number on your bank card with 16 digits ;
    • or under the heading “stop transactions” on your chaabinet account ;
  • Ask for a new e-payment card at your branch.

In the event of loss or theft of cheque book :

  • To stop a transaction on your cheque book by going to your branch equipped with your ID card ;
  • To order a new cheque book at your branch, on GAB or chaabinet.

In the event of not remembering the code of your e-payment card :

  • Ask for your new code when going to your branch equipped with your national ID card. This is done immediately and is free.

In the event of not remembering the chaabinet code :

  • Carry out the re-insertion of your password :
    • Connect onto the site of chaabinet https://bponline.chaabinet.co.ma/ or the www.gbp.ma site ;
    • Click on “password forgotten ” ;
    • A window invites you to enter your contract no and your email ;
    • Click on validate to receive a new password in your inbox.
  • The new password is instantly sent to your email address.

In the event of not remembering the chaabinet contract no :

  • Your contract no corresponds to the 7 digits of your account number starting from the 6th position. (ex: 21111 1234567 0009)

Security of transactions on Internet :

For all your purchase operations on Internet (on a retail website affiliated to Morocco Télécommerce), we advise you to add, in addition to the number of your e-payment card, its expiry date and the 3-digit security number, a secret digital authentication code.

This secret code will be used for all of your Banque Populaire e-payment cards.
Each of our customers has received his secret code by SMS.

In the event of change of Mobile number declared to Banque Populaire, we ask you to please make contact with your branch.

For any additional details please contact our Customer relations department on 0802002666 or on the numbers stated hereafter for foreign Residents :
* Canada : 05144009258
* France : 0178744339
* Italy : 0694816778
* Spain : 0911230008
* Holland : 0208083169

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