Legal Notices 

1/ Conditions of access and of use :

Banque Centrale Populaire set up this information site intended both for customers and non-customers. Browsing on this site is subjected to the regulations in force and existing conditions of access and of use.

Persons who access the information made available by Banque Centrale Populaire on its Internet site accept the following rules :

2/ Warning statements

No information appearing on this site, necessarily simplified, cannot be regarded as a contractual offer of services or product.

Banque Centrale Populaire declines any responsibility as to the contents of the site and the use which could be made by anyone whatsoever.

Any person wishing to obtain a product or a service described on the site must contact a branch of Banque Populaire to get information on its availability, the contractual conditions and tariffs which are applicable to him.
Any site visitor is regarded as accepting the application of Moroccan laws and assignment of competence within the jurisdictions of Morocco.

As for messages which you can send us forwarded through an open telecommunications network, we cannot ensure their confidentiality. For all messages of a confidential nature, we suggest you contact your branch of Banque Populaire directly. Under no circumstances, will Banque Centrale Populaire agree to receive by voicemail instructions to carry out a bank or financial transaction requiring a written and signed order from the customer.

The user of the Web site admits having the competence and means necessary to access and use this site.

3/ Intellectual property

The presentation and contents of this site, constitute work protected by the laws in force on intellectual property, of which Banque Centrale Populaire is the holder. No reproduction and/or representation, partial or integral, may be made without the prior written agreement of Banque Centrale Populaire.

The denomination Banque Centrale Populaire, the logo of the latter, the name of the products in its range as well as slogans, are, unless specifically mentioned, the registered trademarks by Banque Centrale Populaire.

Drawings, photographs, images, texts, animated sequences with sound or not, and other documentation represented on this Internet site are the subject of industrial and/or intellectual property rights and are according to the case, under the ownership of Banque Centrale Populaire or a third party having authorized Banque Centrale Populaire to use them. For this reason, any reproduction, representation, adaptation, translation, and/or transformation, partial or integral, or transfer onto another site are prohibited.

The reproduction of all documents published on the site is only authorized for exclusive purposes of information for personal and private use, on the condition of not deleting the notices relating to royalties or other notices concerning the intellectual or industrial property laws. Private use by no means confers any right over these documents.

Their partial or integral reproduction, without the prior written agreement of Banque Centrale Populaire, is strictly prohibited.

In addition, any reproduction, transmission, site use of Banque Centrale Populaire for public or commercial purposes, or any creation of links to it, without the prior written authorization of Banque Centrale Populaire is strictly prohibited.

4/ Hypertext links

Banque Centrale Populaire declines any responsibility due to the use and contents of links to sites external to its own; connection to another site by means of a hypertext link, falls under the personal choice of the user, and is operated under the sole responsibility of the latter.

The user will have to take every precaution to make sure that the site served by the hypertext link does not contain any virus.

Generally, Banque Centrale Populaire cannot be held liable for direct or indirect damage incurred by the Net surfer because of use of this site.

5/ Nature of information contained on the site :

Information being reproduced on this site is provided on a purely informative basis. The existence of links leading to other sites does not constitute acceptance or validation of its contents. Banque Centrale Populaire cannot be held liable because of information use through these sites.

Banque Centrale Populaire takes a lot care over the accuracy of the data contained on its Web site. If nevertheless you find information that is incorrect or erroneous on our pages, please contact us at the following address :

6/ Communications :

The contents of the messages or documents which you forward to Banque Centrale Populaire by email or any other means from the site, including data, questions, comments, suggestions or any other communication of this nature are and will be treated as non-confidential contents and non-proprietary and as a result deemed to be freely usable by Banque Centrale Populaire and its subsidiary or affiliated companies, including, inter alia, for purposes of reproduction, communication, transmission, publication, distribution and sending. Moreover, Banque Centrale Populaire is free to re-use, for purposes of development, production, marketing or otherwise, the ideas, concepts, know-how or techniques contained in messages, and as such whatever is the subject, that you would have sent to the site.

7/ Disclaimer of guarantee

Banque Centrale Populaire does not grant any guarantee, express or implicit (including but not in a restrictive way, implicit guarantees of ownership or absence of counterfeit, on the marketable quality or adequacy for a particular use) for accessibility, precision, reliability, the update or contents of these pages. Banque Centrale Populaire cannot, under any circumstances, be held liable, for any damages, whatever they maybe, including but not in a restrictive way, direct, indirect, additional or incidental damage, loss of profits or interruption of activity, resulting from the use or impossibility of use of this service, even if Banque Centrale Populaire has been advised of the possibility of such damage.

8/ Prices

Access to the site of Banque Centrale Populaire is free, except for suppliers of Internet access and not including costs of telephone calls which are invoiced directly by the operators.

9/ Webmaster

The webmaster is Mr Mohamed OULOUS

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