Confidentiality and security 

Your personal information is our priority

The Banque Populaire Group gave itself as a priority the protection of confidentiality and security of information referring to your own accounts and your financial transactions. We are committed to protecting all the information that you give us.

Be wary of emails or text messages fishing for personal information and please never reveal your passwords, personal ID numbers or information which gives you access to our Remote Banking Services, ChaabiNet, ChaabiMail, BPBourse…

The Banque Populaire Group will never ask you for your personal information details in an email to you or text message. As a point of reference, the Banque Populaire Group does not send emails or text messages :

  • Asking customers to provide, confirm or update personal information ;
  • Received from a third party or connected to the Web sites of third parties ;
  • Not specifying the reasons for the sending of the email ;
  • Requesting an immediate answer.

Security of the browser

Your security first of all goes through your Web browser. When you access the ChaabiNet Banking services, the Banque Populaire Group checks your browser in order to make sure that it complies with minimal requirements. You can ensure your protection by using an up to date browser equipped with the latest functions as regards security.

To guarantee the security of Banking services, the Banque Populaire Group accepts the following browsers which include a coding function to 128 bits.
Note : Certain sites for the downloading of software are available only in English.

Windows XP and 2000 from Microsoft :

MacOS from Apple 10.2 or a later version :

Note : Microsoft no longer offers any support for Windows 98. Because of the fact that Microsoft will no longer offer any more updates, the Banque Populaire Group will no longer offer any support for browsers used with the Windows 98 operating system. If you are still using Windows 98, Banque Populaire Group strongly recommends that you upgrade your operating system.


You must activate the JavaScript function of your browser to access the Web sites of the Banque Populaire Group. We are able to use JavaScript to facilitate the use of our Web sites.

Use of information which concerns you

Online surveys

The Banque Populaire Group may on occasion carry out a survey with the persons who visit its Web sites. The data of the survey is collected anonymously and used to improve our services.

Online offers

The Banque Populaire Group may send you offers of product or services when you visit its Web sites. You can choose to accept these offers, refuse them or consult them later. You are not obliged to accept online offers.

Tools for planning and calculators

Tools for simulations and calculators are offered on the Web sites of the Banque Populaire Group. The tools offered within the framework of the Banque Populaire Group’s banking Services can allow the back-up of your data so that you are not forced to enter them each time you use the tool. However, Banque Populaire Group will not make use of this information.

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