e-bl@di is an innovative new service which allows you to transfer money via the Internet at any time, across the world, simpy and securely, from your bank card to another Banque Populaire bank card in Morocco.

The designated beneficiary in Morocco will be able to access the money transferred in Dirhams immediately using their Banque Populaire card.

Advantages of using this transfer service :

For the sender :

  • Ability to make a transfer at any time anywhere just by connecting to the Internet ;
  • Very fast transfer time of less than 5 minutes ;
  • Competitive price ;
  • Ability to name up to 3 beneficiaries of your choice.

For the beneficiary :

  • Instant receipt of funds on their bank card 24/7 ;
  • Money is available without having to go to the bank or a third party agency ;
  • Ability to withdraw funds transferred on all ATMs that accepts cards with the CMI logo (Centre Monétique Interbancaire) ;
  • Payment accepted at all CMI businesses.

Conditions of membership :

  • Subscription to the e-bl@di transfer service is carried out entirely through the Internet : www.e-bladi.ma

Sender :

  • Anyone abroad.
  • Holder of a Visa or Mastercard bank card.

Beneficiary :

  • The designated beneficiary registered by the sender on the website.
  • Holder of a Banque Populaire debit card.

For more details, contact us on www.e-bladi.com or www.e-bladi.ma

E-bl@di allows you to carry out transfers quickly and securely 24/7.

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